Send to Ellen

If you want to send ellen, a message, photo, video or any request, Please select the suitable category from below list and follow the  given instructions.
[accordion-group title=”Send your Fails or Bad”]
1. Send Your Selfie Fails
2. Send Pics of Your Bad or Misspelled Tattoos
3. Send Your Funny Sign Photos
4. Ellen Want to See Your Wild Hairstyle
5. Send Your Bad Valentine’s Day Cards

6. Send Stories of Texting the Wrong Person to Ellen

7. Send Your ‘Tickle for 12 Days’ Photos to Ellen DeGeneres

[accordion-group title=”Getting in Touch with Ellen”]

1. Are You a Military Wife and Expectant Mom?

2. Do You Want Ellen to Reenact Your Funny Story?

3. Send Our PA Ari to Your House!

4. Are You Ellen’s Biggest College Fan?

5. Ask Ellen for Help with Your Homework

6. Tell Ellen About Your Military Family!

7. Write to Dear Ellen

8. Are You Ellen’s Biggest Fan?

[accordion-group title=”Life Changing”]
1. Ellen & Entitle Want to Help a Deserving Student

2. Play ‘Cash at Your Door’ with Ellen!

3. Do You Know a Woman Who Changed Someone’s Life?

4. Are You Struggling to Pay for College?

5. Nominate Someone for Their Incredible Kindness

6. Is Your House Falling Apart Inside and Out?

7. Do You Know Someone Who Deserves a New Car?

8. Nominate a Deserving Person in Need

9. Is It Time for Ellen to Change Your Life?
[accordion-group title=”Funny Videos”]
1. Send Ellen Your ‘Heads Up!’ Fails

2. Did You Catch Your Kids Doing Something Hilarious?

3. Web Videos[/accordion-group]
[accordion-group title=”Funny Photos”]1. Send Ellen Texts from Your Mother!

2. Do You Have a Funny Text from Your Ex?

3. Send Us Your Snow Photos!

4. Ellen Dare You to Sneak Your Ellen Gear Into a Photo!

5. Send Ellen Your ‘What’s Wrong with This Photo?’ Photo

6. Send Ellen Your Bad Easter Photos

7. Send Ellen Your Favorite Funny Police Reports!

8. Send Ellen Your Funny Newspaper Corrections

9. Send In Your Funny ‘Clumsy Thumbsy’ Autocorrects!

10. Bad Paid-For Photos

11. Send Ellen Your Hot Glam Girl Pictures

12. Send Ellen Your Funny Facebook Status Updates!

13. Send Ellen Your Bad Vacation Photos!

14. Send Ellen Your Baby Selfies!

15. Send Ellen Your Bad Mother’s Day Cards!

16. Send Ellen Your Friends’ Facebook Photos!

17. Send Ellen Your Funny School-Related Photos!

18. Send Ellen Your Bad Baby Photos

19. Send Ellen Your ‘Photobombs’!

20. Have You Seen a Wacky Book?

21. Have You Seen a Funny Craigslist Post?

22. Send Ellen Your Bad School Photos!

23. Do You Have a Bad Wedding Photo?

24. Send Ellen Your Funny Real Estate Ads![/accordion-group]

[accordion-group title=”Lifestyle”]
1. Are You a Big Fan of The Avengers?

2. Do You Have a Room That Needs a Makeover?

3. Are You a Huge ‘Fast & Furious’ Fan?

4. Send Ellen a Photo of Nick in Your Garden!

5. Are You a ‘Scandal’ Fanatic?
[accordion-group title=”Talent, Ideas and Games”]
1. What’s Your Hidden Talent?[/accordion-group]
[accordion-group title=”Animals”]
1. Send Ellen Photos of Your Pets in the Snow!

2. Send Ellen Your Favorite Cat Videos!

3. Send Ellen Photos That Are Too Cute!
[accordion-group title=”Kids”]
1. Send Ellen Your Funny Kids’ Notes

2. Kid’s First Moments

3. Send Ellen a Crazy or Cute Video of Your Kid!

4. Are You Expecting Your First Child?

5. Send Ellen Your Funny Kids Art

6. Talented Kids[/accordion-group]

Email to Ellen or to contact Ellen via call is a bad option, you should opt to send your request through online.
If you want to contact Ellen directly, Write a letter and post it to Ellen Show contact Address. Click here to know the address.

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